Akkuş Textile


Akkuş Tekstil Having entered the textile industry in 1993, Akkuş has become one of the leading companies in the sector with the major steps it has taken in a short span of time.

The long journey that started in 1993 became a success story after the leaps made with faith and a broad vision..

With the Denim Jean brand, Akkuş Textile left a mark on the former Eastern Bloc and Arabic countries as a reputable Turkish brand and inclined towards Europe in 2000s.

Carrying out all stages of manufacturing from design to sewing, from R&D studies to packaging in its own machine park, the company has created a tremendous impression in Turkey thanks to its success in export. The manufacturing plant founded in 2006 and laying the foundation of the giant factory present today was the most important indicator of the acceleration in Akkuş Textile's growth.

After the establishment of modern plants in Istanbul, the manufacturing activities supported with the factory launched in Mardin placed the company among Istanbul Chamber of Industry's list of 500 biggest companies in Turkey. Included among the top 10 companies of Turkey with its manufacturing of 3.000.000 pieces of denim per year, Akkuş Textile contributes to both employment and quality textile manufacturing with its 320 employees and 15.000 square meters closed area in Istanbul and 3.000 square meters in Mardin.

Akkuş Textile employs female workers intensively to contribute to the participation of women in business life and serves as a model for entrepreneurs with its social responsibility approach. .