Message From Chairman


Akkuş Tekstil The progress we have made with Akkuş Textile, one of the important companies of Turkey in the textile sector, has encouraged us to make investments in different industries with the same faith and principles.

The “We can do it better” belief has become a driving force for every work we've done.

İnşaat ve kozmetik sektörüne girişimizin altında bu inanç yatmaktadır.

This belief drives our entering into construction and cosmetics industries.

In textile, we have supported our design force with our own infrastructure that we had created using our own equities, and we gained a corner in Europe by making the entire production from A to Z in our own facilities.

In the cosmetics industry, we keep growing with our human health awareness, high-quality and affordable prices.

The construction industry is one of the other industries which we have entered newly.

The momentum this industry has gained recently and highly challenging conditions of competition led us to think that we also should be in this competition. We were self-confident, and deeming ourselves sufficiently strong to take steps to prove ourselves.
We have taken this path to show our flag in the construction world, and make a difference by working harder.

We aim to realize our new projects in Beylikdüzü in the upcoming period.

Beylikdüzü is really a model for modern urbanization. It is also an appropriate platform for our assertion in the construction world.
In all our companies under the roof of Akkuş Group, we aim to give services exceeding the expectations with innovative, improvable opinions. This perception underlies our past successes.

We believe wholeheartedly that the same perception will lead us to great achievements on this path to our future.