Quality Policy

As AKKUŞ GROUP, our purpose is to

exceed the customers' expectations, and adopt it as a principle that the “Quality” itself shall be our most important product as a consequence of our processes based on Total Quality Management. Our corporate culture is not to control the quality, but to produce it.

In the light of this perception and view, the following constitute our Quality Policy:

• In the belief that quality is “compliance with the customer's requests and requirements”, meet customer requests in the optimally shortest time,

• Document and certify the Quality Management System so as to meet the international ISO 9001:2000 standards,

• Ensure all Akkuş Group personnel to participate in the works of the quality team and provide the necessary technological means for continuous improvement of the quality and manufacturing of products meeting the definition of quality,

• Procure the materials used from “select suppliers” meeting the requirements of our quality system, and also ensure that our suppliers and other stakeholders are satisfied with our company,

• Sustain and activate quality by our trained, foresighted and participant employees

• Act as aware of our responsibility to environment and society.